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Select Publications: Text and New Media





Beautiful Data: A History of Vision and Reason since 1945
Duke Press 2015 available here







Golden Futures , LIMN April 2018

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Architecture as Machine: A Brief History of the Smart City, Design and Cybernetics , In When Is the Digitial in ArchitectureAndrew Goodhouse, ed. Sternberg 2019

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The Smartness Mandate: Notes Towards a Critique
Grey Room Summer 2017 w/Robert Mitchell

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Hopeful Resilience, E-Flux Architecture: Accumulation April 19, 2017

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Demoing unto Death: Smart Cities, Environment, and Preemptive Hope, Fibreculture Issue 29, 2017 w/Gokce Gunel

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Inhuman Vision, Media-N: Journal of the New Media Caucus,Special Issue Art and Infrastructure, Fall 2014

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Test Bed Urbanism, Public Culture, 25:2(2013) , Primary author with Jesse LeCavalier, Nerea Calvillo, and Wolfgang Pietsch

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Psychadelic Vision, BioSocieties 8 (2013)

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On Seeing Like a Machine Exhibition Catalogue Essay for Seoul Media-city Biennial at the Seoul Museum of Art, Korean and English (Seoul: Seoul Museum of Art, September, 2012).

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Perceptual Machines: Communication, Archiving, and Vision in Post-war American Design Journal of Visual Culture, Volume 11, issue 3, December 2012

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Skewing the City, The Electric City, (London: London School of Economics, December 2012:18) with Nerea Calvillo, Jesse LeCavalier, and Wolfgang Pietsch--The Milgram Group

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Schizophrenic Methods: Cybernetics, the Human Sciences, and the Double Bind Scholar and Feminist Journal On-Line , Special Issue on Iterations of Social Difference, Issue 10.3, Summer 2012 [download]


Anagram, Gestalt, Game in Maya Deren: Reconfiguring the Image in Post-war Cinema Post-Modern Culture , Volume 19, Number 3, 2009) [download]


Dreams for Our Perceptual Present: Archives, Interfaces, and Networks in Cybernetics, Configurations, 13:2, 2007: 283-320. [download]


Historicizing Surveillance, Social Science Research Council Policy Papers, Fall 2002.


Chromosome 22: Digital Biology and Interactivity, (co-authored with Tal Halpern) C-Theory Multi-media, Cornell University Press,  Issue 2, Spring 2001.



New Media/Documentary:


Archiving Nature: Preservation Practices for a Digital Age (co-produced with Tal Halpern): web-based installation shown at ZKM: Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany. Spring-Summer 2002. Also published through the Electronic Literature Foundationat : "Iconoclash",


Chromosome 22 (co-produced with Tal Halpern): shown at: “Open Horizons”: Human Rights and Art, sponsored by UNESCO, The European Council for Cultural Affairs, March 21-24, 2001. Archived at:

Chromosome22-Rhizome Artbase


RT21: Reproductive Technologies Web: Pedagogy tool and on-line network for the discussion and dissemination of feminist pedagogy, literature and actions on reproductive health and rights.  Developed print and on-line publishing models.  Operated from 1998-2001.


Other Exhibitions: V2 ROTTERDAM, Rhizome Artbase, Electronic Literature Foundation